Weston’s Wish

Let us work together to prevent hot car accidents.

Weston’s Wish is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in honor of our son, Weston Nicolas, to raise awareness with the intent to prevent accidents involving children and hot cars.

Our Story

A heartbreaking story and now mission to help others prevent tragedy.

Train Your Brain

There are STRATEGIES to help avoid leaving your child in a vehicle.

Research On Our Brains

Why does this happen? What goes on in our brain? How can this even happen?

It Takes a Village

For all care givers, daycares, and grandparents….it takes a village. Let’s work together.

How You Can Help

In honor of Weston, we ask for your help to reach all families with small children.

Tools to Help

There are several strategies to learn and change up that will help. Here is our link to all our brochures and cards to help!